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மன்னுபுகழ் - 6

சுற்றம் எல்லாம் பின் தொடரத் தொல் கானம் அடைந்தவனே!
அற்றவர்கட்கு அருமருந்தே! அயோத்தி நகர்க்கு அதிபதியே!
கற்றவர்கள் தாம் வாழும் கணபுரத்தென் கருமணியே!
சிற்றவை தன் சொல்கொண்ட சீராமா! தாலேலோ!


Oh Sri Rama, who went to the forest with everybody around you following you
The One who is the great medicine to all those without (the have nots), and the king of Ayodhya
The black gem of Kannapuram, which is full of learned people
The One who followed the word of the younger mother (aunt - Kaikeyi), may you sleep

சுற்றம் (ஊரார் உறவினர்) எல்லாம் பின் தொடர்ந்து வர தொன்மையான காட்டை அடைந்தவனே! வேறு கதி அற்றவர்களுக்கு அரிய மருந்து போன்றவனே (எல்லாம் தரும் அமுதம் போன்றவனே)! அயோத்தி நகருக்கு உரிமையானவனே! கற்றவர்கள் என்றும் வாழும் திருக்கண்ணபுரத்தில் வாழும் என் கருமாணிக்கமே! சிற்றன்னையாம் கைகேயியின் கட்டளையைத் தலை மேல் கொண்ட சீராமா! தாலேலோ!

Events covered from the Ramayana
Rama going to the forest with the people of Ayodhya following him.

Here the aazhwar recounts the popularity that Rama had among the people of Ayodhya. Indeed when Dasaratha thought of making Rama the crown prince, he consulted these very same people and they spoke in immense favor of Rama, that it unsettled even Dasaratha a bit. Was he, Dasaratha not a good ruler because of which these people wanted to see Rama crowned soon? No, it was Rama's spotless character, his mastery of the shastra and shaastra, and his compassionate nature. Yes, he was verily the medicine to the people afflicted by the sores of the samsara.

Also, the aazhwar says that Rama went to the forest to fulfill the words of his aunt. An incident from the Ramayana to support this. Kaikeyi after a night long discussion with Dasaratha, sent word for Rama, to come to meet his father. When Rama enters Kaikeyi's chamber, Kaiykeyi says:

Kaiykeyi - 'Your father has decided that Bharatha will be the crown prince. You will also need to go to the forest for fourteen years'

Rama was at once overjoyed and sad. Happy because he learnt that his dear brother Bharatha was going to be king. Sad that his aunt had told that these were orders of his father. Looking at his father's state he knew what the real situation was.

Rama thinks : 'Dear aunt Kaiykeyi, I would gladly go to the forest even if it were your own words'

Such was Rama's nature

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