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திருப்பாவை - 25 (ஒருத்தி மகனாய்)

ஒருத்தி மகனாய்ப் பிறந்து ஓரிரவில்
ஒருத்தி மகனாய் ஒளித்து வளர,
தரிக்கிலா னாகித் தான் தீங்கு நினைந்த
கருத்தைப் பிழைப்பித்துக் கஞ்சன் வயிற்றில்
நெருப்பென்ன நின்ற நெடுமாலே! உன்னை
அருத்தித்து வந்தோம்; பறைதருதி யாகில்
திருத்தக்க செல்வமும் சேவகமும் யாம்பாடி
வருத்தமுந் தீர்ந்து மகிழ்ந்தேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்.

Oh Lord (nedumaal), who was born (piRandhu) one (Or) night (iravu) as a son (magan) of one lady (oruththi) and grew up (vaLara) hiding (oLiththu) as the son (magan) of one other lady (oruththi); You made the idea (karuththu) of Kamsa (kanchan), who could not withstand (tharikkilaan aagi) you and thought of (ninaindha) harming (theengu) you (thaam), useless (pizhaipiththu) and stood (ninRa) like a fire (neruppenna) in his belly (vayitril). We have come (vandhOm) with a vital desire (aruththi, arundhu = drink, absorb) towards you (unnai). If you emancipate us (paRai
tharudhiyaagil), we will be free of (theerndhu) our sorrows (varuththam) and we (yaam) will happily (magizhndhu) sing (paadi) about your service (sEvagam) and about the beauty (selvam) of your suitable (thakka) match Lakshmi (thiru).

Oh Lord of the three worlds! Born of the matchless Queen Devaki, you were taken on the same night in concealment to Gokulam, to be brought up by another peerless noble woman, Yasodha. The evil King Kamsa who would not bear the thought of your growing up, tried many stratagems to harm you. But you foiled all his wily schemes virtually tormenting him like in his stomach. We have come to beseech you for favours. If only you could condescend to give us the drum, we would sing extolling your great prosperity befitting your consort, Mahaalakshmi and your valorous deeds. And then we will rejoice with all our pining
coming to an end.

More Insight
Lord Krishna after hearing their mangalaasaasana said with a melting heart and an affectionate tone: "O girls! By your birth (as the daughter of Periyaazhwaar) you are ever interested in my welfare and pray for that. You have all come here braving the biting cold and unmindful of your health. Have you anything else on your mind except PARAI (accessories for the NONBU rite)?"

Gopis replied: "We have come under the pretext of petitioning you for the accessories, but actually our request is for your Service only."

Lord Krishna: "I may find it difficult to grant your request immediately. After all it is not all that simple. There may be so many impediments in the way."

Gopis: "You were born as the son of Devaki and on the same night you became the son of Yasoda. To the former you gave the pleasure of giving birth to you(avataara rasa), and to the latter the pleasure of enjoying your sport (leela-rasa).Having falsified Kamsa's evil intentions and you made them fall on his own head. All this you did because of your love for your votaries. So nothing is impossible for you. You can do away with all obstructions. The only thing needed is that you should have the mind to bless us with your Service."

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