Monday, May 28, 2007

மன்னுபுகழ் - 10

தேவரையும் அசுரரையும் திசைகளையும் படைத்தவனே!
யாவரும் வந்தடி வணங்க அரங்க நகர் துயின்றவனே!
காவிரி நல் நதி பாயும் கணபுரத்தென் கருமணியே!
ஏவரி செஞ்சிலை வலவா! இராகவனே! தாலேலோ!

The One who created the devas, asuras and the different directions
The One who sleeps in the town of Rangam where all come to worship at His feet
The black gem of Kannapuram, where the Cauvery flows
Oh Ragahava, the expert archer, may you sleep

தேவர்கள், அசுரர்கள், திசைகள் என்று எல்லாவற்றையும் படைத்தவனே! எல்லோரும் வந்து திருவடிகளை வணங்க திருவரங்க நகரில் துயில் கொண்டவனே! காவிரி என்னும் நல்ல நதி பாயும் திருக்கண்ணபுரத்தில் வாழும் என் கருமாணிக்கமே! நெடிய சிறந்த வில்லை வலக்கரத்தில் உடையவனே! இராகவனே! தாலேலோ!

Events covered from the Ramayana
Rama giving his aaraadhana perumal to Vibishana, the Lord Jagannaatha who comes to rest in Sri Rangam

In the tenth paasuram, the final one carrying the Ramayana story, the aazhwar has gone beyond what we know from the Valmiki Ramayana and the Kamba Ramayana. He covers the history of Sri Rangam, tracing its roots to Ayodhya and Sri Rama himself.

In short, Lord Rama worshipped himself as Lord Narayana. When Rama could not gift anything really worthy enough to Vibishana for his great help in defeating Ravana, Rama decided to part with something dearer to him than his soul - his aaraadhana perumal, the Jagannaatha. That this perumal had his own ideas of settling down in Sri Rangam and not going to Lanka is a history well known. When a dejected Vibishana prayed to this Lord Ranganathan for granting him daily worship, Rangan pointed Vibishana to Thirukannapuram. It is a belief to this day, that Vibishana comes every night to Thirukannapuram to worship the Lord - The enchanting Raama piraan who resides in the equally enchanting Krishna kshteram called Thirukannapuram.

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