Saturday, July 28, 2007

Amalan Aathi Piraan - 10

Lord Ranganatha is the Overlord (supreme Sovereign) of the whole world and all the people (residing there); Him-who is of the black color of the clouds as well as the nature of the clouds; who, as Lord Gopala (Kovala alias Krishna), ate butter with His mouth; who has stolen my mind and heart; and who is my immortal amborsia; my eyes that have looked at His beauty; (I swear) these eyes of mine, that have seen Him, can I ever see anything else?

Amalan Aathi Piraan - 9 (Body)

Lord Ranganatha reclining on the serpent couch Adisesha in Sri Rangam is the one who (long ago) having devoured the seven worlds, was seen (by the sage Markandeya and found to be) lying on the leaf of a great banyan tree as (an equisite) Child, incomparable; the Lord Ranganatha is adorned with beautiful garland studded with peerless gems and pearl necklace; His holy body (archa form) of blue diamond luster is of enormous beauty and excellenet complexion; such a divine BODY of God has, aye (aiyoh) outweighed my outweighed my mind (i.e.) the Lord showing His whole body full of beauty has taken away everything from me (my mind, heart and soul).

Amalan Aathi Piraan - 8 (Eyes)

The blemishless Lord of Sri Rangam is the Supreme Being (i.e.e the foremost creator and benefactor), who made the advent as Narasimha and tore into shreds the massive body of the demon king (Hiranyakasipu) that came to assault Him; Lord Narasimha was (and also is) unappriachable and inaccessible to the Gods (Brahma, Siva, Indra et al); in the face of Lord Ranganathaa, there are those wide eyes, which are very much black, broad and extensive towards the sides, glittering (restless), with ruddy lines (rekhas) running across and very much lengthy; these EYES of the Lord have made me a fool (and I am stupefied).

Amalan Aathi Piraan - 7 (Red mouth)

The Lord of the beautiful city of Sri Rangam and the one supreme God, Mayan (beyond the ken of all the ordinary individual souls), who reclines on the serpent couch Adisesha holds on His hands, the Conch Paanchajanyam with winding rekha and the chakra (disk Sudarsanam) that emits fiery sparks; His divine body (archa form) is like a lengthy mountain range; He is our father and savior, who has a very long crown smelling exuberantly with the fragrance of Tulasi leaves! His beautiful RED MOUTH (with rosy lios), aye! (Aiyoh), it has captivated and enraptured my mind and heart.

Amalan Aathi Piraan - 6 (Throat)

My master, Lord Ranganatha, has His adobe in the holy city of Sri Rangam surrounded by groves, wherein live the swarms of bees with fasciating wings; He is the One, who has removed the sufferings of Lord Siva with the crescent moon on His head (when a skull got stuck in His hand). Lord Ranganatha's throat (in days of Yore) consumed in full the whole Universe comprising
1. Many worlds inhabited by Andar (a category of people)
2. The higher and the nether worlds
3. This massive and vast earth
4. All the seven Kulaachalas (Ezhu maal Varai, the seven mountains balancing this earth)
Harken! Such a THROAT of the Lord indeed has saved me.

Amalan Aathi Piraan - 5 (Chest)

The Lord of Sri Rangam has cut asunder all my burdensome old sins (ripe and heavy); He has now made me His (exclusive) servant; further, He has also entered into my heart; what a wonder! I do not know how much severe and great penance I have done to achieve such a great fortune of the Lord's immense grace over me. The Lord's CHEST, beautified by the Goddess Lakshmi and the great garland Vaijayanthi, indeed has wholly captured and enslaved me.

Amalan Aathi Piraan - 4 (Waistband)

The Lord of Sri Rangam (full of woods), where sweetly singing bees hum and great peacocks dance (hppily), is the same as teh Lord Sri Rama of (life-bestowing) ocean hue; Lord Rama vanquished Ravana, the king of Lanka surrounded by massive and sqare ramparts; after driving him out (from the battlefield), Lord Rama later aimed an invincible sharp arrow at Ravana and made his ten heads fall down (simultaneously cut off); The WAISTBAND (of this Ranganatha) found on His beautiful belly makes pleasant strolls within my heart.

Amalan Aathi Piraan - 3 (Navel)


The Lord, Ranganatha, who reclines on the serpent couch (Adi Sesha) in Sri Rangam, is the same Lord Vishnu, (Srinivasa) who has stood in the north as the great Venkatam Hills, where monkeys jump from one tree to the other. Lord Srinivasa has stood there for the sake of Gods, who come to worship Him; the sweet core (inner soul) of my heart rests on the twilight colored garment of the Lord and on His beautiful NAVEL, above it (the garment) - the great NAVEL that created the four faced God Aja (Brahma Devan).

Amalan Aathi Piraan - 2 (Silk Garment)


Lord Ranganatha (Arangatthu Amman) who has with his heart full of pleasure, measured the worlds (earth and heaven) (in his descent as Trivikrama) shines with his tall and lofty crown. He, whose sharp and piercing arrows destroyed (devoured) the demons (night-wanderers) who came to fight Him that day (i.e., In His descent as Rama); He is the scion of the race of Kakutsa. He is the Lord of Sri Rangam full of (flowery and) fragnant gardens; now my mind becomes immerses with the Lord's Reddish (saffron) SILK GARMENT worn by Him around His waist.

Amalan Aathi Piraan - 1 (Feet)


He, the Lord Vishnu is blemishless, the foremost God, and the resplendent one that has made me serve His ardent devotees; He, the Lord of Nityasuris (Celestial, eternal Arch angels) has taken His adobe at the Venkatam hill surrounded by fragnant groves; He, the immaculate Lord is the ever pure, sacred God; (now I look at) Him, the overlord of supreme justful heaven (Vaikuntham), and the divine God (Ranganatha) of Sri Rangam (girth with) long ramparts. (As I see Him), His sacred lous FEET enter into and become merged with my eyes.