Saturday, February 05, 2005

அரங்கதின் பெருமை


கொண்டல் வண்ணனைக்
கோவல னாய்வெண்ணெய்
உண்ட வாயன்என்னுள்ளம் கவந்தானை
அண்டர் கோனனி யரங்கன் என் னமுதினைக்
கண்ட கண்கள்மற் றொன்றினை காணாவே (திருப்பாணாழ்வார்)


kichami said...

dear prasanna: Good. Yhe caption itself' Srirangam mudal chicago varai'naturally kindled my interest.I am a 75 year old blogger from srirangam at present in u.s.a
2 things i like so much about your blog.1)it is thiruppanazhwar's pasuram 2)U have put it beautifully in tamil( I envy U since I don't know to download tamil fonts or transliterate the english writeups.Velugudi Krishnan has given an audio in which he elaborates the word"Kanda kangal"Vow! what a great savant Thiruppanazhwar must have been,\.My blog a recent effort on Srirangam 60 years ago can be seen in
> with my profile.
My first son is in Indianapolis where I was till Dec and my 2nd son is here in Md.He is collecting info on Indian bloggers, city and country wise, in his blog
>< besides his own writeup in >> You can link yours so that he can include in the list and we can form a family of indi bloggers.
May Lord Ranganatha bless U in all your endevours
Partha Krishnaswamy

saranyan said...

amalan aathipiran - aha what a beautifully constructed pasurams on Lord Ranganathan.