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மஞ்ஞனமாட்டல் 1-3

YasOdhA piratti wanted to bathe her child , KrishnA . She collected water for the thirumanjanam . She added cinnamon , cardamom and other fragrant powders in the water . She looked around for KrishNa and invited him to come to the bathing room ,where she had lovingly prepared fragrant water at the right temperature . He heard her call , but tried to get away from her reach . YasodhA appealed to her son to come to her , described at length about the enormous efforts she took for him to have a most enjoyable bath , praised him and tried to lure him to take his bath with sweet and coaxing words .

PeriyAzhwAr took on the role of YasOdhA , the mother , to enjoy this scene

1. வெண்ணெயளைன்த குணுங்கும் விளையாடுபுழுதியும்கொண்டு
திண்ணெ நீ இவ்விரா உன்னைத் தேய்த்துக்கிடக்க நான் ஒட்டேன்
எண்ணெய்ப்புளிப்பழம்கொண்டு இங்கு எத்தனைபோதும் இருன்தேன்
நண்ணலரியபிரானே! நாரயணா! நீராடவாராய்

O my Lord who is not easily accessible ! NaarAyaNA ! Please come here for taking Your bath . I have prepared the oil for Your oil bath , the soap nut powder and have been waiting for You to come here for a long , long time . I will not let you dirty the bed tonight with the day's dust besmearing Your body from all of Your playful activities and the unwelcome smell arising from the immersion of Your hands all the way upto Your shoulder , when You stole and ate butter during the day . This I shall not put up with . Please come and take Your bath and cleanse Yourself before You retire to bed .

2. கன்றுகளோடச்செவியில் கட்டெறும்புபிடித்திட்டால்
தென்றிக்கெடுமாகில் வெண்ணெய்திரட்டிவிழுஙுமாகாண்பன்
நின் ராமராமரம்சாய்த்தாய்! நீ பிறந்த திருவோணம்
இன்று, நீ நீராடவேண்டும் எம்பிரான்! ஓடாதேவாராய்

O Lord who knocked down the seven trees with the power of Your arrow during RamAvathAram ! Today is the day of SravaNam ( ThiruvONam ) , when Your birth star is in ascendance . Please do not try to escape from me . I am exasperated with Your pranks . Earlier in the day , you ran after the frightened calves and placed the biting ants into their ears , which made them more panicky and they ran away . How am I going to milk the cows , when the calves have run away ? If I do not milk the cows , how are You going to get the butter to steal and eat ? Please do not run away . Come and take Your bath.

3. பேய்ச்சிமுலையுண்ணக்கண்டு பின்னையும்ன் இல்லாது என்னென்சம்
ஆய்ச்சியரெல்லாம்கூடி அழைக்கவும் நான்முலைதன்தேன்
காய்ச்சின நீரொடு நெல்லி கடாரத்தில் பூரித்து வைத்தேன்
வாய்த்தபுகழ்மணிவண்ணா! மஞ்ஞனமாட நீவாராய்.

O my precious one of auspicious glories ! O my dear one with the hue of a blue jewel ! When I saw You partake the poisonous milk from the fearsome PuthanA's breast and suck her life forces , I responded to the collective call of the fleeing neighbors and approached You and breast-fed You . I did not run away like them out of fear at the sight of the mighty corpse of PuthanA , whom You had dispatched to heavens . Today , I have prepared warm and comforting water containing broiled leaves of Nelli tree for sweetness . I have stored this lovely water for Your bath in large vessels , so that You can enjoy a long and leisurely bath . Please do not escape me. Come and have Your bath

(to be continued)..

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