Saturday, July 28, 2007

Amalan Aathi Piraan - 9 (Body)

Lord Ranganatha reclining on the serpent couch Adisesha in Sri Rangam is the one who (long ago) having devoured the seven worlds, was seen (by the sage Markandeya and found to be) lying on the leaf of a great banyan tree as (an equisite) Child, incomparable; the Lord Ranganatha is adorned with beautiful garland studded with peerless gems and pearl necklace; His holy body (archa form) of blue diamond luster is of enormous beauty and excellenet complexion; such a divine BODY of God has, aye (aiyoh) outweighed my outweighed my mind (i.e.) the Lord showing His whole body full of beauty has taken away everything from me (my mind, heart and soul).

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