Saturday, July 28, 2007

Amalan Aathi Piraan - 6 (Throat)

My master, Lord Ranganatha, has His adobe in the holy city of Sri Rangam surrounded by groves, wherein live the swarms of bees with fasciating wings; He is the One, who has removed the sufferings of Lord Siva with the crescent moon on His head (when a skull got stuck in His hand). Lord Ranganatha's throat (in days of Yore) consumed in full the whole Universe comprising
1. Many worlds inhabited by Andar (a category of people)
2. The higher and the nether worlds
3. This massive and vast earth
4. All the seven Kulaachalas (Ezhu maal Varai, the seven mountains balancing this earth)
Harken! Such a THROAT of the Lord indeed has saved me.

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