Monday, June 25, 2007

Poigai Alwar praising Arangan

onRum maRanthu

Of the 100 pasurams in Mudhal thiruvandhadhi, Poigai aazhwar has composed only one pasuram on our Arangan. But nevertheless, it has great insight that Arangan is our one and only Lord and we should never ever let Him go of our thoughts.

Poygai AzhwAr's paasuram addresses all those, who have a poor understanding of the mahimai of Sriman nArAyaNaa as the ParamAthman and DevAthi Devan. He addresses these poor folks as “yEzhaikAL”, or the spiritually poor, who have lost sight of the imperishable wealth, Sriman nArAyaNaa as their one and only Lord.

Poygai AzhwAr was born at ThiruvehhA near Kanchipuram in a lotus pond inside a golden lotus during aippasi SravaNam as the amsam of the Lord’s Paanchajanyam. He states in this paasuram that he has never been without the thought of Sri RanganAtha at any time in his life including the time he spent inside the golden lotus as a foetus. He states that he turned his head even during the foetal stage towards the direction of Sri Ranganaathan at Srirangam. He was in garba rangam (womb of the Golden lotus) and he turned towards Sri Rangam even then and offered his anjali.


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