Saturday, June 30, 2007

Amalanathipiran - Thaniyan

ThiruppaaN Azhwaar composed ten paasurams among the divya prabandham revered as "Amalanaadhipiraan" Prabhandham. All 10 pasurams praise our Arangan. As ThiruppaaN Azhwaar has not sung on any other divya desa perumal, Arangan gets the distinction of being sung by 11 Aazhwars.

This Azhwaar's prabhandham is different from all the other aazhwaar's
prabhandhams in that it does not contain any upadesams, critique of Veda-
Baahya Mathams, messages sent to the Lord as His Naayaki et al.
Thiruppaanar's prabhandham is an aanandha-lahari (limitless outpourings of the
bliss of aanandham) at the anubhavam of the Lord's Sarvaanga Soundharyam
and its redeeming effect. Azhwaar is totally lost in that blissful anubhavam
and the ten paasurams arose from him as "the revelational hymns".

amaladhipiran - sanskrit taniyan
Let me contemplate on TiruppaanaAzhwar (Munivahana, the saint who was
carried to the precincts of the shrine of Lord Ranganatha, by
Lokasarangamamuni on his shoulders), whose inner soul (antaratma) became
enraptured at the sight of the reclining Lord Hari (Ranganatha) betwixt (the
two streams of) the river Kaveri, and who, having experienced (the vision of
the Lord) from the feet to His head declared that his eyes would not see any
other objects (except the Lord).

amaladhipiran - tamil taniyan
Let us sing in praise of the holy feet of Sri ThiruppaanaAzhwar, who entered
(the holy shrine of Lord Ranganatha) riding on the shoulders of the sage
(Lokasaranga-Mahamuni) saw(the Lord in full) and sung (in praise) HIM limb by
limb, as the Lord showed to him, i. e., the lotus feet, the silk garment, the
navel, the waist band of rare excellence, the holy chest, the neck, the red
mouth (with rosy lips), the eyes of unfading (red lotus charm) and the (whole
divine) Archa form.

In the coming days, Let me post each paasuram of Amalanaadhipiraan.

ThiruppaaN Azhwaar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam.

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