Monday, May 02, 2005

முதல் ஐந்தும் அடுத்த பத்தும்

The first five pasurams of Tiruppavai form one section and pasurams 6-15 the second section. These 10 stanzas describe the sleeping girls being woken up by those who are already up. These two groups represent KAINKARYA NISHTHA (those impatient to serve God, like Lakshmana) and GUNA NISHTHA (those who are content to meditate on the glorious qualities of God, like Bharata). Nammazhwar speaks of their presence even in Vaikunthaloka – VAIKUNTATTU AMARARUM (service minded) MUNIVARUM (enjoying His Virtues). Poison acts on different people in different ways – some faint and some run here and there; so do the attributes of Sri Krishna. Hence the sleeping girls are not a bit inferior in their longing for Krishna to those who wake them. Though one could go to Krishna on one's own, it is not advisable "VEDAM VALLARGALAI KKONDU,VINNOR PERUMAN TIRUPPADAM PANINDU " says Nammazhwar. We should always approach Him through some godly person; because we have sinned against Him and being a SWATANTRA (free to act as He pleases), He may punish us. Hence a Recommending Authority is very much needed. Moreover His virtues are like a huge river in spate during rains, and so if a man wants to cross it surely he needs the help of others. Further unlike in the case of carnal company, enjoyment of His Company will be sweeter in the company of Bhaktas.

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