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திருப்பாவை - 9 (தூமணி மாடத்து)

தூமணி மாடத்துச் சுற்றும் விளக்கெரிய,
தூமங் கமழத் துயிலணைமேல் கண்வளரும்
மாமான் மகளே! மணிக்கதவம் தாள்திறவாய்;
மாமீர்! அவளை எழுப்பீரோ? உம்மகள்தான்
ஊமையோ? அன்றிச் செவிடோ அனந்தலோ?
ஏமப் பெருந்துயில் மந்திரப் பட்டாளோ?
மாமாயன், மாதவன், வைகுந்தன் என்றென்று
நாமம் பலவும் நவின்றேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்.

thiruppavai - 9

Hey, daughter (magaL) of my uncle (mamman), you who are sleeping (kaN vaLarum) on (mEl) a mattress (thuyil aNai) in a palace (maadam) with flawless jewels (thoo maNi), with lamps (viLakku) burning (eriya) all around (sutrum) and surrounded (kamazha) by incense (dhoopam), open (thiRavaay) the latch (thaazh) of the jewelled (maNi) door (kadhavam). Hey auntie (maameer), will you wake (ezhuppeerO) her (avaLai) up. Is your (un) daughter (magaL) indeed (thaan) dumb (oomaiyO), or (anRi) deaf (sevidO), or lazy (ananthalO), or is she cursed (mandhira) and captivated (Ema pattaaLo) into a coma (perun thuyil). (Hurry up). We must benefit (navindhu) by repeating (enRenRu) the many (pala) names
(naamam) of the great Mayan (maa maayan) Madhavan, Vaikuntan.

Dear maternal cousin! How long are you going to be asleep on your luxurious bed in the gem-studded mansion, surrounded by lights all around and bathed in fragrance of incense? Open the lever lock of that ornamental door. Aunty! Won't you wake her up please? What is wrong with her? Is she gone dumb or deaf or is she just exhausted? Or has she fallen into a deep trance as a result of our Lord, some magical incantation? Shall we chant the thousand and odd names of our Lord-God of the great mystic power, the spouse of Goddess Mahalaksmi, the supreme Lord of Vaikunda and so on and on and get her to wake up?

More Insight
The gopi woken up in this verse has unflinching faith in the Lord's UPAYA BHAVA. In this regard she matches very well with Sita who,when Hanuman suggested that he carry her back to Rama, sternly refused and rebuked him saying that he was equal to Ravana,(Ravana-tulya) in this that while Ravana robbed Rama of one of his possessions, Sita; Hanuman is trying to rob Him of another, His "Sarva loka rakshakatvam" (sole right to protect all). Then she added, "With my power of chastity which cooled your burning tail, I could have saved myself; but that would have only destroyed Rama’s reputation. He alone by His prowess should rescue me and establish his valour. Tat Tasya Sadrusam Bhavet. That alone would be befitting to Him." Hanuman applauded these words.

So also this girl having transferred her burden to Sri Krishna, sleeps having total faith in His words, "Ananyah chintayanto mam...... Yoga kshemam vahamyaham". ANDAL teaches us in this stanza that a soul after surrendering to the Lord should be like this gopi.

"MAMAN MAGALE!" - Oh, my uncle's daughter! Though blood relationship is condemned as it contributes to worldly attachment, the same is most welcome if it helps to do service to God and His devotees.

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